Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Links Aug 14

Tax Systems in Latin America TJN Latin America and Caribbean (In Spanish)

India: Income Tax Department has begun enquiry into firms running from tax havens The Economic Times

India: Taxman turns heat on private equity funds Business Standard

Australia: ATO cracks down on trusts over new tax avoidance scheme Leading Company

BCCI and the Cayman Islands: Success against the odds Cayman Financial Review
22 years later, BCCI is wound up in the Cayman Islands. Readers may recall: TJN's Prem Sikka has blasted open the BCCI case

Your Cayman bank is not your Cyprus bank: Thanks, Darwin Cayman Financial Review

Vatican finance intel chief says 'steps remain to be taken' Gazetta del Sud

Nepal: Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority chief Karki orders to book tax evaders The Himalayan

Greece to seize assets of tax dodgers EU Observer

UK: HMRC Warns On Avoidance Schemes Tax-News
See also: Late, but welcome none the less: the government cracks down on the suppliers of tax abuse Tax Research UK

Expats advised to prepare for new tax sharing regime in European Union Expat Forum

Will blocking international money transfers really prevent organised crime? Smart Company

Apple bites workers at home & abroad Workers World

Hollywood studios reach deal with China over tax row BBC


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