Thursday, September 26, 2013

Links Sep 26

Russia: Finance Ministry Aims to Unmask Beneficiary Shareholders With Tax Hikes The Moscow Times

61 PwC Partners Accused of Tax Crimes Over Bonuses in Spain Bloomberg

7 reasons why UK Prime Minister David Cameron needs to crack down on phantom firms now One

Friends in high places Jersey Evening Post

SEC Charges Former Qualcomm Executive and His Financial Advisor With Insider Trading Through Secret Offshore Accounts U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Barclays is quitting some tax havens – but the reasons given tell a sorry tale Tax Research UK

HSBC still laundering money for terrorist groups, says whistleblower Everett Stern Ian Fraser's Blog

Kenya: behind the terror is rampant corruption The Guardian

China’s wealthiest families score $720 billion in undeclared “gray income” Quartz

Poverty - Growth or safety net? The Economist
"Eradicating extreme poverty is no longer a pipe dream. But first governments must agree on their approach"

Clamping Down On Tax Avoidance Will Be Fundamental to Fighting World Poverty in the 21st Century, Actionaid Tells the United Nations allAfrica

S. Korea and other G20 countries target overseas tax havens The Hankyoreh
For TJN comment on the September 2013 G20 summit see here

Bono's hypocrisy on Africa, corporate tax avoidance in Ireland Finfacts Ireland
See also our recent post U2's Bono defends economic illiteracy

Irish Hospitality: Tax Haven For Apple Inc. (AAPL), Google Inc (GOOG) ValueWalk

United Arab Emirates: Banking sector assets now > GDP; new subsidiary in Hong Kong Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Bermuda news: UK supporting Bermuda on French blacklist issue Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Colombia To Join OECD Tax-News

U.S.: Infrastructure Bill is Actually Giant Corporate Tax Break Huffington Post

Add It Up: The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business Common Dream


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