Friday, October 25, 2013

Links Oct 25

Beneficial Ownership Registries - Action Plans by Offshore Jurisdictions
Discussion at the upcoming Offshore Alert Conference in London, 14-15 November

U.S.: Tax Reform Details: An Example of Comprehensive Reform Citizens for Tax Justice

PricewaterhouseCoopers Report Quietly Confirms Low Effective Tax Rates for Corporations But Directs Attention to Irrelevant Figures Citizens for Tax Justice

Last rites of banking secrecy Business Recorder

Swiss tax info sharing move will benefit developing nations: World Bank The Hindu
See also: ‘Would work closely with India on tax transparency’ The Hindu

Ghana: Government Vows To Stop Vampires From Sucking The Nation Dry Peace FM

Athens will be ‘merciless’ on tax evaders, says Greek ‘taxman’ EurActiv

Tax Evasion in Senators' Viewfinder Libération (In French)
See also: French Fault Banks Over Tax Evasion The New York Times

Americans, Europeans, Tax Havens Own Slice of U.K. PLC The Wall Street Journal

The Isle of Man is amongst the wealthiest nations in the world – but they’re so secretive the data isn’t available to prove it Tax Research UK

Are Europe and US net debtors or creditors? TaxProf Blog

Here’s How Many Beanie Babies Ty Warner Had to Sell to Pay His Tax Evasion Fine Chicago Magazine

The film legend Sophia Loren cleared of tax evasion by Italian court The Independent


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