Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Links Oct 2

Swiss Bankers Criticize Key Tax Bills Tax-News

India and Nokia in Tax Dispute Before Microsoft Deal The New York Times

India: Vodafone, Shell asked to file replies in tax case by 10 October live mint

Gibraltar Seen as Europe-Beater for Finance Professionals Bloomberg
Gibraltar is attracting hedge funds by offering low tax rates and regulation.

Hong Kong Welcomes Launch Of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Tax-News
See also: Shanghai Free-Trade Zone Is a Symbol, Not a Threat Bloomberg

Cayman: Enterprise City sees increase in signups Cayman 27
See the website for the Cayman special economic zone then contemplate Cayman's assertion that it is not a tax haven (as underscored by the UK Prime Minister). See also our recent blog Cayman Islands to create a new fantasy nowhere land

Bahamas PM Defends Offshore Economies in Speech to UN General Assembly Caribbean Journal

Bermuda news: Google’s tax affairs in Bermuda again under scrutiny Financial Secrecy MediaMonitor

African leaders urged to raise voice against tax havens IPPMedia

Kofi Annan Calls On the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to Maintain High Revenue Transparency Standards allAfrica

The Financial Resource Curse Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics and Political Science
Paper overlaps with TJN's own.

Australia: Government backs away from offshore tax reforms Business Spectator

U.S. Treasury’s know-your-customer proposal delayed by struggle for regulatory consensus Reuters

Crackdown on offshore tax cheaters is paying dividends The Chicago Tribune

Ex-Revenue Canada lawyer advised how to hide money offshore CBC News
On a hidden camera investigation into the world of offshore banking.

Wealthy Entitlement Income inequality undermines the fairness of a free market Distilled Magazine

Cancel dictator debt! Eurodad
Norwegian debt audit puts new pressure on European creditors

The Vatican Bank more than quadrupled its profit last year Quartz


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