Thursday, December 12, 2013

Links Dec 12

INSIGHT-Chic Nairobi throbs to the beat of dirty money Thomson Reuters
"The Kenyan government – despite long-standing problems with money laundering, drugs, corruption and terrorism in bordering states – is moving ahead with plans to strike a deal with the City of London to build Nairobi into a major international financial hub."

EITI draft Bill completed Times of Zambia

Nokia Offers To Pay Indian Tax Bill To Unfreeze Assets Tax-News
See also: Nokia's tax dispute over Indian factory complicates Microsoft sale The Telegraph

IRS Advisers Recommend Delaying FATCA To 2015 Tax-News
More on a story linked previously

Cayman Finance calls for more government support Compass Cayman

Barbados international business sector should be given same priority as tourism - Innis Virgin Islands News Online / Caribbean 360

Jersey Aircraft Registry to battle with Guernsey Aircraft Registry Corporate Jet Investor
They are also in competition with Aruba, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man, San Marino, Malta and others that are "keen to grow this business".

Switzerland news: private banker association to split in two Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Disney triples offshore profits, saving on U.S. taxes Orlando Sentinel

US must do more to tackle phantom firms on International Anti-Corruption Day Thomson Reuters

Tax, power and philanthropy Tax Research UK

Moneyval OKs Vatican financial transparency progress report Gazetta del Sud

Even Swiss Supermarkets are Coming Clean on U.S. Assets The Wall Street Journal

U.S.: Small Business Needs Big Business to Pay Its Fair Share | Commentary Roll Call

JP Morgan Chase, the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, and the Corruption of America Huffington Post


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