Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Progressive Tax Blog

We are delighted to see this new UK blog appearing:
This blog aims to provide an insider’s view on tax issues from a progressive perspective.

It has been started out of frustration that public debate on tax issues is often polarised between those on the one hand who think all tax is theft, and others who think any form of tax avoidance is immoral. In your blogger’s view, the reality falls somewhere in between.

This blog therefore aims to bring to life UK tax issues including tax planning techniques in order to better inform public debate. Only by understanding the detail of how the tax regime works can progressives take a view on what tax planning is unacceptable, and therefore what policies should be argued for.

If progressives do not understand tax, then policy will be made by those that do – i.e. rich individuals, large companies and their tax advisors.

Upcoming topics
Over the course of the next few months I intend to address a number of topics which I believe the public needs to understand better to inform debate on tax policy. These are likely to include:

  • Vodafone and how the EU enables tax avoidance (this one is already up, and it's highly valuable)
  • How to solve a tax problem like Philip Green
  • Corporate tax reform and the move to offshore tax avoidance
  • A primer in corporate tax avoidance techniques
I will of course comment on topical issues as and when they arise.

If you have any comments please feel free to add these to the blog. Other contact means will be available shortly.

This will serve as a most useful forum for debate. Worth watching.


Anonymous Progressive Tax Blog said...

Thanks for the hat-tip. You have reminded me to add you to our blog-roll...

11:17 am  
Anonymous tax planning said...

Where goes the border between tax planning and tax fraud, or is it constantly moving as laws are changing?

12:57 am  

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