Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Links Feb 15

Publicly funded company is dodging taxes in Zambia Eurodad
Feb 15 - Press release from our friends at Eurodad on the Swiss mining company, funded with EU development monies,that is siphoning its profits out of Zambia without paying taxes.

Swiss bank rules questioned over dictator loot.
Feb 14 - Mark Herkenrath of Alliance Sud points out "The bank's obligation to exercise due diligence is not taken seriously enough and politicians are not holding them to it. What is the point of being a pioneer in returning money but at the same time being the first point of call for wealth of dubious origin?"

Mubarak's cash
Tax Research UK
Feb 14 - Richard Murphy so rightly observes " ... an incredibly important question. If these assets could been frozen this weekend, why weren’t they frozen before? If there was doubt as to their legitimacy now, why not at any point in the previous 30 plus years? See also yesterday's blog Hypocrisy and High Corruption.

G20: Paris will propose a financial transactions tax Le Monde (In French)
Feb 14 - At the G20, France to proposes measures that will include agreement on a set of indicators to help identify the major trade imbalances, improve regulation of international capital flows, and reducing volatility by bringing transparency to markets.

The Men who Stole the World
Open Democracy
Feb 11 -
Interview with Nick Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands "A shocking account of the scale, depth and penetration of tax havens across the globe. The book provides serious intellectual ammunition to growing campaigns against corporate tax avoidance in Britain and abroad." The interview was originally published on the New Left Project.

Brussels to unearth EU plans for corporate tax
Feb 14 - The European Commission is preparing fresh proposals for a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) this year, but views diverge between Brussels, Paris and Berlin over the objectives of the plan. "In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy sees the eurozone crisis as an opportunity to stamp out what he sees as tax dumping within the euro zone." See also Corporation Tax: Unravelling the myths Irish Times Feb 11, and Richard Murphy's commentary Bring on the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.

Non doms and tax
Tax Research UK
Feb 14 - And the wealth gap just keeps on growing. Richard Murphy on how "billions might be a lost a year to [The UK's] H M Revenue & Customs as a result of the domicile rule".

The Great British Corporate Tax Giveaway Forbes
Feb 10 - Lee Sheppard on Uk Uncut, the abomination of territorial taxation, and the U.S. situation. See also Richard Murphy's comments.

Obama plans to reduce corporate tax rate Accountancy Age
Feb 15 -
See also this report from our friends at Citizens for Tax Justice Revenue Positive Reform of the Corporate Income Tax from Jan 25.

Obama budget would boost U.S. tax agency funding
Feb 14 - President Barack Obama's budget plan seeks to boost funding for the Internal Revenue Service even as Republicans contemplate cuts to the agency, setting up a clash over tax collections.

Deal with Tax Havens Economic Times
Feb 14 - India considers sanctions against countries that refuse to share information on suspected tax evaders.


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