Monday, January 14, 2013

Links Jan 14

Europe's Mounting Reluctance to Bail Out Cyprus Spiegel
"There is growing resistance in Europe to the planned aid program for Cyprus, because it would also benefit illegal Russian money parked in bank accounts in Cyprus."

PriceWaterhouseCoopers faces Income-Tax heat for role in Nokia tax issue The Economic Times

Vodafone, India To Talk Tax Tax-News

Austria To Agree Swiss-Style Tax Deal With Liechtenstein Tax-News

In the fight against tax evasion, the OECD measures have two standards Der Bund (In German)

USA remains a haven for money launderers Der Bund (In German)

Greece faces decision over tax evasion scandal The Telegraph
"Greek lawmakers will vote on whether two former prime ministers and a pair of ex-finance ministers should face criminal prosecution for turning a blind eye to potential tax cheats."

Largest UK companies paying tax at lower rate The Telegraph

Prince Charles's banker friend in Asia cash feud Guardian
"A powerful eastern European financier who is a close ally of Prince Charles is contesting claims that he has been involved in money laundering."

U.S.: Tax reform prospects ebb in wake of cliff deal Politico

Secrets and Lies of the Bailout: One Broker's Story Rolling Stone Taibblog

Latest in private Libor cases: California city, counties file suit Reuters
"The Libor scandal seems destined only to expand."


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