Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hidden Treuhand, Trusts: time to "get it"

We just had a belated comment posted on a Guest Blog we hosted a while ago, about the Hidden Treuhand mechanism, similar and related to the material we've posted on trusts. The blog focused on Shelley Stark's book, Hidden Treuhand (pictured.) The comment noted:

"I read Ms. Stark's book shortly after it came out. It became abundantly clear to me that she answered how some of our elected or appointed officials were evading the conflict of interest laws or policies which require divesting oneself of financial relationships with certain corporate or investment entities depending on the area of influence or oversight the official has in their offical capacity.

The answer is they don't divest themselves. They hide themselves, their investments and their profits in these types of financial instruments. No wonder corruption and unethical behaviors are at an all time high both in government and industry.

And the most frustrating thing to me is that so many people I try to share this with just don't get it. They cannot afford not to "get it." This financial crime is affecting all of us profoundly, particularly those who work for a living and don't have international banking and lawyer resources at our fingertips."

Indeed. It all relates up to different areas we've been addressing: corporate responsibility, the integrity of markets, inequality, political accountability and so much more.


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