Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tax and corporate integrity: an accreditation scheme

We have been contacted by businesses wanting to know whether TJN provides accreditations to organisations who pay their tax at the correct rate, at the right time, and in the appropriate amount. The short answer is that while we don't do this ourselves, we know someone who does. For several years we have cooperated with London-based SEE Companies on pioneering work with companies who are genuinely committed to social, environmental and ethical practices. You'll find the tax related question in the Donations and Payments section.

We think this work is an important part of the process of developing understandings of corporate integrity. Our director, John Christensen, is a special adviser to SEE Companies, and we would strongly recommend that any business wanting to avoid the social opprobrium now being heaped on Vodafone, Boots, HSBC and Arcadia's Philip Green (click here to see what we're referring to).


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