Monday, November 28, 2011

Links Nov 28

Imran Khan: Unplugged The Express Tribune
Nov 27 - Interview with Imran Khan, Pakistani politician and former international cricketer for Pakistan. Interesting commentary on corruption and tax dodging. On money and assets in Swiss banks: "Firstly it is important to know that only a government that is clean can bring that money back."

India: Mr FM, name those 700 names Governance Now
Nov 28 - On a call to the government to make public the names of those holding hidden money offshore. "The union government’s insistence on keeping the names of 700 entities holding secret accounts in HSBC Bank in Geneva close to its heart reflects how sincere it is about fighting the black money menace."

A Family’s Billions, Artfully Sheltered New York Times
Nov 26 - Excellent piece on tax dodging by "superelite" via myriad schemes. And on those who dodge tax while being considered philanthropists: “It’s admirable when people back their charitable impulses up with donations,” said Scott Klinger, tax policy director of the group Business for Shared Prosperity. “But the tax code shouldn’t allow the wealthy the kind of loopholes that let them, essentially, force other taxpayers to underwrite donations to their pet causes.”

More on the world’s most expensive apartment block Treasure Islands
Nov 28 - The UK’s Observer has provided more information following the Sunday Times story about One Hyde Park in London, reportedly the most expensive apartment block ever built anywhere on Earth. As earlier reported:“The records reveal extensive use of tax havens to purchase the properties with the British Virgin Islands, involved in 25 deals, the most popular choice.”

Dolce and Gabbana say Italian tax authorities 'thieves' as they face new battle Telegraph

Nov 24 - "Italian fashion kings Dolce and Gabbana face fresh legal entanglements after Italy's highest court overturned their acquittal on charges of evading nearly a billion euros in taxes."

Why Sting's taxman is So Lonely: Star 'saves £2m by giving himself a bumper payout' (just before 50p top rate bites) Daily Mail
Nov 25 - The celebrity musician "has been blasted by former Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott. He told The Sunday Times ordinary taxpayers 'can't shuffle their future earnings into a lower tax year and they have to pay to maintain the overseas aid budget'." Hat tip: Offshore Watch.

Mining tax a step closer for Australia after passing lower house Guardian
Nov 23 - 30% levy on the biggest profits from minerals boom will fund infrastructure, pensions and business tax cuts.

Failing to tackle tax evasion is a choice to support criminals - and it's one that politicians have made Tax Research UK

Nov 25 - 'The choice the government is making by reducing the resources to tackle tax evasion is therefore a simple one. They’re saying they think criminals are more important than honest people in real need. And that criminals are more important than people who work for an honest living."

Financial Workers earn the most swissinfo
Nov 28 - The financial sector still pays the best wages in Switzerland: an average of SFr9,357 ($10,150) a month in 2010, according to the Federal Statistics Office ... the gross median wage over all sectors – with an equal number of workers above and below – was SFr5,979 a month last year. The mean for women, SFr5,221, was 18.4 per cent lower than that for men, SFr6,397.

Treasure Islands on New Statesman’s books of the year selection Treasure Islands
Nov 28 - Very nice.


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