Monday, March 11, 2013

March 16: Tax haven London targeted by activists armed with adverts (and palm trees)

The Guardian is reporting this morning on an organisation called The Rules, which is launching a campaign to challenge the City of London and its role in assisting large-scale tax avoidance and evasion. As The Guardian reports:
"Over a year after the end of the Occupy tented protests in the City of London, a new movement has sprung up to challenge the global economic consensus, in this case focusing on what protesters say is the rampant, worldwide problem of corporate tax avoidance.

The campaign, launched on Monday, features a mock corporate video and a set of posters seemingly extolling the virtues of the City as a place to do business. The slogan is: "Visit the City of London – the tax haven capital of the world. It has been organised by a group called The Rules, a loose global collective with links to Occupy, which aims to stage a number of campaigns;
See the short video.

See also the flyer, below (another nice one here). This looks like a very interesting development. (TJN has had some contact with The Rules, though this is not a TJN event.)


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