Thursday, April 25, 2013

Links Apr 25

On Taxes, Trade, Transparency—and Turf Center for Global Development
On action by the G8 and the G20 on tax havens.

G20 makes progress on bank secrecy, but much remains to be done TJN Latin America and Caribbean (In Spanish)

The End of Bank Secrecy? An Evaluation of the G20 Tax Haven Crackdown
New study - the first attempt to assess how bilateral treaties affected bank deposits in tax havens - lends support to a multilateral agreement on tax havens. Rather than repatriating funds, the results suggest that tax evaders shifted deposits to havens not covered by a treaty with their home country. See also comment on Task Force blog.

EU seeks quick deal on tax transparency EU Observer
A letter from Irish finance minister Michael Noonan and EU tax commissioner Algirdas Semeta, sent to national capitals, called on governments to agree on automatic information exchange and tax savings rules.

European Commission Moves Ahead on Tax Avoidance Crackdown Compliance Week

European Commission Vows to Keep Up Pressure on Austria to End Bank Secrecy The Wall Street Journal

IMF and World Bank hold their Spring Meetings making gloomy days for development Eurodad

Pakistan: Taxation of money kept in Swiss banks proposed Business Recorder
See also further comment in Banking Secrecy

France Mulls Anti-Tax Evasion Bill Tax-News

Bankrupt Swedish Tycoon Had Fortune Stashed in South Pacific ICIJ

Philippines: Presidential Commission on Good Government keeps Imee's account report secret Manila Bulletin

Bank of Ireland loses £30m court battle with HMRC over tax avoidance 'loophole' The Independent

Why aren’t Barclays and HSBC willing to say why they’re not paying a fair share of their taxes in the UK? Tax Research

Bringing Amazon to book: 160,000 sign independent shops petition amid tax anger The Independent

Inside Story: The US Tax Trick Al Jazeera

Executive-Pay Tax Break Saved Fortune 500 Corporations $27 Billion Over the Past Three Years Citizens for Tax Justice

Caymans And BVI Sign Up For FATCA iExpats

Links from the TJN Germany Blog

A fairer society needs fairer taxation The Guardian


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