Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Links - June 19

The G8 summit - Reasons to be cheerful The Economist
"After the Lough Erne summit, the NGOs have a bit more wind in their sails, and those who hold or move black money have another reason to believe that life for them will only get harder." See TJN comment here.

The beginning of the end of corporate secrecy? G8 strikes a blow against corruption – but still more to do Global Witness

Governments to share tax records ICIJ

U.S.: Senator Levin statement on G8 declaration on offshore tax abuse and corporate transparency

EU directive places Cayman funds at a competitive disadvantage CayCompass
On European demands that the funds and the fund manager have to be based in the same country. The majority of Cayman-based alternative investment funds, such as private equity or hedge funds, are managed from the US.

South Korea: Gov't to get tougher on offshore tax evasion Yonhap News Agency

Singapore to Virgin Islands: India begins global black money crackdown First Post

ICIJ probe: List of Indians in tax havens Indian Express
See also: With 184 addresses, Mumbai leads the nation in haul Business Standard and India approaches tax havens on black money expose Kashmir Times

EU tax chief urges Swiss to end bank secrecy Reuters

Swiss Parliament Pushes Back on U.S. Banks Deal The Wall Street Journal

The "African laundry" of BNP goes back to Geneva Huffington Post (In French)

Australia’s Tax Office Has ‘Declared War’ On Dodgy High-Profile Lawyers and Accountants Business Insider

Italy: Economy minister vows to continue war on tax dodgers adn kronos

Multinationals face OECD pressure over their tax evasion and avoidance Irish Examiner

U.S. Companies Lobbying Furiously To Save Corporate Tax Loopholes: Study Huffington Post

How tax havens stole your money CNN

Picardo challenges Spain on tax evasion Gibralter Chronicle
Yet more on the theme of We are not a tax haven

The Dolce And Gabbana Verdict Is Nigh Vogue


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