Thursday, October 03, 2013

Links Oct 3

Double Taxation Agreements in Latin America - Analysis of the Links among Taxes, Trade and Responsible Finance LatinDADD
For an overview by Eurodad of the study, see here.

Swiss Rubik brings much less than expected to London Le Temps (In French, with paywall). "Has the tax agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom failed?" This is as we had predicted, in our original analysis, and as reported by The Guardian. See also latest report from Swiss Federal Tax Administration here. Hat tip: Bruno Gurtner. See also UK-Switzerland tax agreement misses target STEP (includes a link to HMRC receipts). See also our Oct 2012 blog List of killer loopholes in the Swiss "Rubik" agreements

Gibraltar: A Rock In A Hard Place Global Finance
The ongoing spat between Spain and Britain over Gibraltar has drawn attention to the continued lack of commitment to confront tax havens.

Gaddafi link in offshore networks Australian Financial Review

Offshore Firms Funneled Away Millions As Serbian Companies Shed Workers and Lurched Toward Ruin ICIJ

Latest update - Release Of Offshore Records Brings Worldwide Response ICIJ

Google and ExxonMobil run rings around outdated tax laws The Conversation

Cayman Islands Begins Offering Online Company Registrations Caribbean Journal

India: Central Vigilance Commission for strict action on tax evasion, black money The Hindu Business Line

Falklands Tax Dispute Clouding Oil Dream for Investors Bloomberg

Of course you can out money offshore, at your own peril Tax Research UK

Vatican Bank likely to close embassy accounts after Iran, Iraq red flags Reuters

UK Prime Minister's  election guru uses mysterious offshore tax haven Daily Mirror

FATCA: A Law That Will Surely Reduce Tax Evasion The Gleaner

U.S.: One out of four corporations doesn't pay a nickel in (federal income) taxes PolitiFact

Have I got tax for you TVapex

Superintendent of New York’s Department of Financial Service Says ‘So Be It’ If Transparency Harms Bitcoin Bloomberg


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