Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kenya – A Haven for Dirty Money?

Kenya: a haven for dirty money?

Online debate on Wednesday, December 16, 2013, 1400 GMT

Illicit finance flowing into Kenya has jumped fivefold in a decade. Kenya is the easiest place in the world to open a shell company. Global financial regulators tag Kenya as a high risk place for money laundering and terrorist finance, and the World Bank is studying the problem for regional  anti-corruption agencies.  Yet the government is pushing ahead with plans to turn Nairobi into an international financial centre.  Is it building instead a major haven for laundering dirty money?  

Join an online chat to discuss the findings of the Thomson Reuters Foundation exclusive: Chic Nairobi throbs to the beat of dirty money

John Githongo,
anti-corruption expert in Kenya
Alex Cobham, senior analyst on illicit financial flows, Center for Global Development, London
Raymond Baker, president of Global Financial Integrity, Washington
Is #Kenya building a haven for laundering #dirtymoney? Join our debate on Weds @ 1400 GMT with @johngithongo @alexcobham & @Raymond_Baker


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